The Ebook Slim Down

Ebooks are a bit like regular books – on a diet. Ebooks are typically subjected to the proverbial lap band surgery. They cut through a lot of text to reduce the overall bulk of the project.

Because ebooks are composed, delivered and read in an electronic format that is often useful to skim readers. In essence ebooks are often developed in a way that condenses word counts and descriptions while increasing subtitles, bullet points and take away information for the reader.

If you were to look at a printed form counterpart to an ebook it would be more like a novella or even a pamphlet in size.

The reason this works so well in ebook formats is because there is significant growth in niche oriented ebook sales, distribution and consumer download.

When you write for a very small niche you may not be able to compose a 40,000-word manuscript to meet the demands of most current traditional publishers. Generally speaking these publishers would not be interested in a niche subject anyway.

So, you may be wondering if writing an ebook is different than writing any other manuscript.

The answer is part of a two-sided coin.

No, you still need to write a compelling manuscript that may be aided by using an outline of what you want to accomplish in the body of your ebook.

Yes, you may have to use a minimalist approach in keeping thing short and to the point. You will need to use more bullet points and resist rehashing points you have already dealt with.

If you’ve ever seen television shows where a house is staged for an open house when the owner wants to sell the property then you have a pretty good idea of what it’s like to write an ebook.

What homeowners are told is to remove all the non-essentials in the home. They are told to neutralize the colors of the walls and remove most evidences that anyone lives in the home.

Why is this important? Well for the person seeking to buy the home the clutter makes the house seems small, the bright colored walls offend their own personal sense of style and your personal touches do not allow them to envision the house as their own. In the end the house that in pleasant, uncluttered, and somewhat non-descript is a house that shows well.

When it comes to ebooks use the same principles; unclutter the manuscript, don’t make it overly personal and help readers envision the information as their own.

Once you work through the development of an ebook the process of writing similar manuscripts become easier as you learn the skills of surgically removing the fat in favor of potent information that empowers your readers to unlock the potential discuss in your ebook.

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